Standardized input files and rules make it easy to get data from other departments without worrying about formatting.

Each data file you want to create takes at most 5 minutes of user input, thus no longer you need to worry about putting Excel or Splus to work. Adverse events and comedications can just as easily be handled as demographics. Automatic query generation is applied to detect values out of the normal range or with not allowed values thus performs a complete plausibility check and reporting. It also gives you a graphical and numerical presentation of the selected data which makes it easier to decide on which covariates to take into the modeling as well as how to take them into the modeling.


With this module performing sequential PK/PD evaluation or using the simulation option of NONMEM has now become much easier and more comfortable and of course no 20 items limit in NONMEM anymore for testing covariates. The next version will also enable easy bootstrap methods.


And this is just a short selection of available options.



Together with the data file, a model file can be generated which will take care of the first run and contains for example the right ADVAN, INPUT and DATA items depending on items in the data file such as route of administration and formulation.